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Predictive Maintenance Professionals

Now over 500 members strong! Join other predictive maintenance professionals in promoting and educating the PdM technologies.

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A well-orchestrated predictive maintenance program will all but eliminate catastrophic equipment failures. U.S. Department of Energy

The Society of (PdM) Predictive Maintenance Professionals, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the  education, training and certification of the PdM technologies worldwide.  Well trained PdM professionals will ultimately lower maintenance costs while improving employee safety. We are a young organization and want to listen to you to meet the needs of our membership. Join us in our forums to share information about PdM products, current industry trends in Predictive Maintenance or specific information about the PdM technologies of Infrared Thermography (IR), Motor Current Anaylysis (MCA), Airborne Ultrasound, Vibration Analysis and/or Oil & Lubrication Analysis. Your views and comments on these topics are encouraged.

We fully support PdM training and certification of maintenance employees for the safety of all employees and for the overall quality of your predictive maintenance program.  Many of our articles are submitted by the PdM industry leaders in certfication and products.

Membership to this site is free. You will need to "Register" and become a member to submit any information for publication including Technical Articles or Forums. We encourage you to join and get involved.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to you and to us. We do not share any information with third parties for any reason. If you are unsure, please review our Privacy Policy. However, we may send emails concerning updates and/or new features of our site.

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Society of (PdM) Predictive Maintenance Professionals, Inc. is dedicated to promoting certification of qualified individuals to ASNT PdM Level III. In the near future, we will be adding a paid portion to the site for dedicated training, research, and sample questions to help prepare for the ASNT PdM Level III Basic certification examination. We will announce the introduction of this new section once completed.



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If you are interested in learning more about PdM technologies, we welcome you to become a member.

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